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為企業提供全面的 DDoS 防護,智能防禦複雜的 DDoS 攻擊,降低業務損失風險,緩解潛在安全威脅。 查看詳情 >

  • 低網絡延遲
  • Tbps頻寬
  • Anycast技術
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統一、高效、安全的平台,提供雲端運維、訪問控制、運營審計 查看詳情 >

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15% off

Cloud Firewall

Cloud Firewall 是最早部署在公共雲上的 SaaS 防火牆之一。它是您在雲中保護業務的網絡安全首選。查看詳情 >

  • 網絡安全的第一道防線
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15% off

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

基於阿里雲的智能計算能力保護您的網站和Web服務器 查看詳情 >

  • 亞太第一
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Elastic and secure virtual cloud servers to cater all your cloud hosting needs.

A comprehensive DDoS protection for enterprise to reduce business loss risks, and mitigate potential security threats.

A scalable and high-performance content delivery service for accelerated distribution of content to users across the globe.

A fully hosted online database service that supports MySQL 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, and 8.0.

Provides network acceleration services for your internet-facing applications globally, with guaranteed bandwidth and high reliability.

Server Load Balancer (SLB) improves the service capability and application availability. It provides functions as a reverse proxy at Layer 7(ALB) and load balancing services at Layer 4(CLB).

An encrypted and secure cloud storage service that can store, process, and access massive amounts of data from anywhere in the world.

The security services on Alibaba Cloud reduce the heavy lifting required to tackle key enterprise security challenges in the cloud, and each of these challenges can be solved with the use of one or multiple Alibaba Cloud security services and products.

Fuel gaming businesses with agility, availability, and intelligence.

Transform your business into a customer-centric brand while keeping marketing campaigns cost effective.

From immersive stadiums to data analytics, our sports solutions empower teams, athletes, and fans through the digital transformation of the sports industry.

Alibaba Cloud's comprehensive e-commerce solutions come with the same leading technologies that support Double 11, paving the way for advanced e-commerce scenarios such as Intelligent chatbot, omnichannel marketing, livestreaming, and personalized content recommendation.


Livestreaming, the Next Big Thing in E-Commerce

This whitepaper analyzes the challenges today’s livestreaming industry faces with traditional e-commerce platforms, retailers, and media companies and explains how your business can use the Livestreaming for E-Commerce solution to meet these challenges. It reviews the solution highlights, outlines a typical working scenario, and shares a recent customer success story.

Guide for AWS Professionals

Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure Guide for AWS Professionals

This whitepaper examines the key factors you should consider to migrate to Alibaba Cloud, compares the services and products between the two vendors regarding these factors, and summarizes the Alibaba Cloud migration methodology into five steps based on past experience with thousands of customers. This whitepaper looks at different dimensions of the migration process and provides detailed descriptions of migration practices accordingly to help you migrate to Alibaba Cloud smoothly.

Migration to Alibaba Cloud

Migration to Alibaba Cloud

This whitepaper provides a comprehensive guide to help enterprises move data, applications, and entire business systems to Alibaba Cloud with a proven cloud migration strategy. It provides checklists to access migration targets, introduces migration tools, and explains the phased approaches in multiple steps to help grasp the key information in different scenarios for a successful migration.

Financial Digital Transformation

The Alibaba Cloud 2021 Hong Kong Financial Digital Transformation Whitepaper

This whitepaper analyzes the factors and forces driving the development of the financial industry in Hong Kong. It introduces Alibaba Cloud’s Financial Solution Roadmap, explains how our digital-native solutions and products support the following stages of the financial roadmap, and the following three pillars serving as the technical foundation.



ApsaraDB RDS for SQL Server

ApsaraDB RDS for SQL Server

The security solutions provided by ApsaraDB RDS for SQL Server include SSL link encryption, TDE, and disk encryption. ApsaraDB RDS for SQL Server supports the hybrid cloud disaster recovery via the service of DBS. You can also back up data of on-premises SQL Server databases to the cloud and use the backup to restore data to ApsaraDB RDS for SQL Server on cloud.